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Wood Adhesives and Adhesion

  • Formaldehyde-based adhesives
  • Adhesive synthesis
  • Adhesive characterization
  • Adhesion mechanisms
  • Formaldehyde and VOC emission
  • Adhesive characterization methods
  • Adhesive interactions
  • Adhesion interphase and cohesion
  • Resin distribution
  • Resin penetration
  • Future challenges and opportunities for wood adhesives
  • Bio-based resins
  • Bioresin characterization, preparation, technology, and developments
  • Lignin, starch or protein adhesives for future applications, etc.
Wood-Based Biocomposites
  • Bio-based raw materials, including characterization, supply, processing, environmental assessment, economics, future challenges and opportunities of wood- or nonwood-based biocomposites.
  • Wood-based composite panels, including development, new processing technology, and performance of plywood, particleboard, oriented strand board (OSB), fiberboard, etc.
  • Nanocellulose-based biocomposites, covering characterization, processing, properties, applications, functional materials etc.
  • Bio-based fiber modification, covering fundamental chemistry, processing technology, properties, adhesion, applications etc.
  • Manufacturing technologies such as existing and new production technologies, process modelling, material interactions, modelling, future technologies etc.
  • Analytical methods such as internal structure, cell wall mechanics, mechanical properties, moisture distribution, biodegradation, weathering, VOC emissions, etc.
  • New product development and commercialization, including concept, design, materialization, etc.
  • Standards development, including test methods, procedures, regulations, etc.
  • Sustainable biocomposites