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박 병 대 [Park, Byung-Dae]
  • Tel053-950-5797
  • Fax053-950-6751
  • Emailbyungdae@knu.ac.kr
  • Research areaWood Adhesives and Biocomposites Academic background
  • Academic backgroundPh.D. from University of Laval, Department of Wood Science, 1999, Canada
Research area
  • Wood adhesives and adhesion
  • Formaldehyde-based adhesives
  • Synthesis and Characterization of wood adhesives
  • Structure-property relationship
  • Wood-based biocomposites
  • Cellulose-based nanocomposite
Travels around the world
Year Date Agenda Place Country
2017 15-16 April KSWST meeting 2017, Chonbuk National University Jeonju ROK
2017 International Conference on Wood Adhesives Atlanta, Georgia USA
2016 15-16 April KSWST meeting 2016, Kookmin University Seoul ROK
16-19 Oktober The 10th Asian-Australian conference on composite materials Busan ROK
11-17 June Grenoble France
19-21 June 7th Wood Products and Chemicals Conference Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
26 June-1 July The 70th Forest Product Society International Conference Portland, Oregon USA
19-27 August World Conference of Timber Engineering 2016 Vienna Austria
11-20 November The 13th Pacific Rim Bio-based Composite Symposium Concepcion Chile
2015 10-16 January Visiting professor and research collaboration with SCION Rotorua New Zealand
20-25 February Visiting professor and research collaboration with Aalto University Esbo Finland
15-16 March International Association of Wood Products Society (IAWPS) Tokyo Japan
10-11 April KSWST meeting 2015, Kangwon National University Chuncheon ROK
11-16 May POLYCHAR 23 Lincoln, Nebraska USA
6-8 October International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS) 2015 Llandudno UK
2014 12-13 April KSWST meeting 2014, Chungbuk National University Cheongju ROK
20-23 Mei Wood Adhesive Conference Bali Indonesia
4-7 June Biocomposite Symposium Beijing China
22-25 June 2014 TAPPI International conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials Vancouver Canada
10-12 August The 68th International Forest Product Society (FPS) 2014 Convention Quebec Canada
2013 12-13 April KSWST meeting 2013, Chungnam National University Daejon ROK
22-30 June 2013 TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials Stockholm Sweden
8-14 October 2013 International Conference on Wood Adhesives Toronto Canada
23-28 October Genoa Science Festival Genova Italy
2012 26-30 March POLYCHAR 20 Durbovnik Croatia
12-13 April KSWST meeting 2012, Kyunpook National University Daegu ROK
27 Nov-1 Des BIOCOMP2012 Shizuoka Japan
2010 7-9 April POLYCHAR 18 Siegen Germany
20-22 June 64th International Convention of the Forest Products Society Wisconsin USA
23-26 June Annual Meeting of The International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) Wisconsin USA
8-10 September 6th International Workshop on Green composites (IWGC) Gumi ROK
2009 28-30 September International Conference on Wood Adhesives Nevada USA
2008 24-26 September The International Panel Products Symposium 2008 Espoo Finland